Download software and updates, USB and Bluetooth Drivers, User Manuals, brochures and further documents for OKM metal detectors, 3D ground scanners, ground penetrating radars and visualization software.

Some of our 3D ground scanners transfer recorded measuring values by using USB cable. Therefore, it is necessary to install appropriate USB drivers that can be downloaded here. You may also find these drivers on the software CD or flash drive ("drivers\usb_cable\"). These USB cable drivers are only necessary for metal detectors with USB cable. Download the following ZIP file onto your computer and extract it into any folder. Then follow the instructions of the user manual or use one of the instruction documents below.

USB drivers 820 kB
.pdf Installation der USB-Treiber in Windows DE 1.37 MB
.pdf Install USB drivers on Windows EN 1.34 MB
.pdf Installez drivers USB sur Windows FR 1.45 MB

Before any measured data can be transfered via Bluetooth from your 3D metal detector to OKM's visualizing software, the appropriate Bluetooth drivers have to be installed. You can download the free Bluetooth drivers here. Please pay attention that you choose the right Bluetooth driver for your model of Bluetooth dongle. Use the pictures to find the right one.

Bluetooth Drivers OKM 25.3 MB
Bluetooth Drivers Toshiba 179.21 MB
Bluetooth Drivers Conceptronic 31.53 MB
Bluetooth Drivers Widcomm 21.63 MB

Visualizer 3D Studio

OKM Software Visualizer 3D Studio

To download the new software Visualizer 3D Studio you need a valid Software Key. You will receive this Software Key after purchasing the desired software edition. Proceed to product Visualizer 3D Studio »

.pdf Visualizer 3D Studio Quick Start Guide 1.4 MB
Documentation / Online Help »

Visualizer 3D (2004 - 2020)

All product highlights, special features and areas of application at a glance: Here you find our current OKM product brochures.

.pdf OKM Treasure Hunting 5.7 MB
.pdf OKM Bionic X4 677 kB
.pdf OKM Evolution NTX 2.1 MB
.pdf OKM eXp 4500 780 kB
.pdf OKM eXp 6000 1.96 MB
.pdf OKM Fusion Light 2.94 MB
.pdf OKM Fusion Professional 2.0 MB
.pdf OKM Fusion Professional Plus 2.1 MB
.pdf OKM GeoSeeker 608 kB
.pdf OKM GeoSeeker Mini 605 kB
.pdf OKM Gepard GPR 3D 2 MB
.pdf OKM Pulse Nova 3.24 MB
.pdf OKM Rover C4 (2021) 2.2 MB
.pdf OKM Rover UC (2022) 2.26 MB

OKM Android Apps for Detectors

OKM Rover UC App for Android Smartphone OKM Rover UC App with Magnetometer Mode
OKM Fusion Light App (2021) OKM Fusion Light App (2021)
OKM Bionic X4 App (2021) OKM Bionic X4 App (2021)
OKM GeoSeeker App
OKM Delta Ranger App (2023)
OKM eXp 6000 App OKM eXp 6000 App
OKM Gepard GPR App (2020) OKM Gepard GPR App (2020)

Device Specific Downloads

OKM eXp 6000 (2021)

.pdf OKM eXp 6000 Product flyer 1.96 MB
.pdf OKM eXp 6000 Quick Start Guide 868 kB
.pdf OKM eXp 6000 Manual EN 3.96 MB
.pdf OKM 3D Ground Scan Guide EN 1.11 MB
update (Version 2.3) 20 MB

OKM eXp 6000 (2021) Update in 5 Steps

  1. Download the update file.
  2. Copy the file to an external USB flash drive. Do not change the file name!
  3. Power on the eXp 6000 Control Unit and wait until the main menu is visible.
  4. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port of the eXp 6000 Control Unit.
  5. The eXp 6000 Control Unit will detect the update file automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish.
OKM eXp 6000 2021 update
Update not applicable for previous model eXp 6000 (2016-2020)! If you are not sure about your model version, please contact

Improvements in Version 2.4

  • Added function Replay in 3D Ground Scan
  • Optimized graphical visualization in 3D Ground Scan
  • Fixed minor bugs in GUI

Improvements in Version 2.3

  • Improved recording of scan values (data processing and filtering)
  • Optimized graphical visualization in 3D Ground Scan

OKM eXp 6000 (2016-2020)

.pdf OKM eXp 6000 Product flyer 588 kB
.pdf eXp 6000 Manual EN 3.76 MB
.pdf eXp 6000 Manual ES 4.13 MB
.pdf eXp 6000 Manual AR 2.24 MB
.pdf eXp 6000 Manual TR 3.55 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual EN 1.77 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual DE 1.8 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual FR 1.19 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual AR 1.35 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual TR 481 kB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual ES 1.05 MB
.pdf Visualizer 3D Manual GR 1.93 MB
Visualizer 3D Demo 3.82 MB

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