Pulse Nova Introduction

March 25, 2021
YouTube Video

The OKM Pulse Nova is our lightweight metal detector, which can detect metal objects up to 3m deep, even in heavily mineralized soil. The Pulse Nova is a Pulse Induction detector, PI for short. The PI detection offers many advantages over the conventional measuring techniques, which enable these depths. Learn more about the Pulse Nova in this Video or our other Blogs on our website.

The Quest for Viking King Bluetooth's Lost Grave
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The Quest for Viking King Bluetooth's Lost Grave

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OKM CEO Stephan Grund live at a TV show
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Roman Siliqua silver coin (Constantinus III 407-411) found with OKM detector Pulse Nova
November 11, 2022

Roman Siliqua Silver Coin Found with OKM's PI Detector

Treasure hunters detected with the OKM Pulse Nova this small Siliqua silver coin from the Roman Imperial period (Constantinus III ...

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