3D Analysis: Scan Information / Characteristics

The Scan Information Panel that is located on the Right Sidebar provides general information regarding the scan image (e.g. date and time, field length and width) as well as information of each scan value (e.g. position, depth, GPS coordinates).

Figure 1 shows the Scan Information Panel with its toolbar and its three categories of information.

Scan Information Panel
Figure 1: Scan Information Panel

The toolbar of this panel contains following buttons:

Open Google Maps Open Google Maps
Push this button to open Google Maps in your webbrowser to indicate the location of the current measurement. This button is only enabled if valid GPS coordinates are attached to the current measurement.
Edit Characteristics Edit Characteristics
Push this button to edit the characteristics of the current scan image (e.g. field length and width, project title and notes, soil type, etc.). Read subsection Editing Characteristics for further details!


The information categories that are displayed in the Scan Information Panel are:

Editing Characteristics

The basis of each 3D scan analysis is information. You must provide as much information regarding the measurement as possible. Therefor click either Characteristics Icon in the Main Toolbar or the toolbar of the Scan Information Panel. The dialog from figure 2 will appear on screen.

Characteristics Dialog - General
Figure 2: Characteristics Dialog - General


In the General category you can enter following information:

Scan Field Overlay

You can add a photograph of your scan area (preferably from bird's view) and overlay it with your scan image to get a better indication of the position of potential targets within your measurement.

Figure 3 shows an example of that kind of image that has been included in the scan image.

Characteristics Dialog - Scan Field Overlay
Figure 3: Characteristics Dialog - Scan Field Overlay

Use the Open Image button to open an image from your hard disk and the Delete Image button to delete the assigned image.

After opening an image you have to adjust the mapping of the image. Move your mouse pointer over the colored squares and while holding the left mouse button down, you move the square to the appropriate corner of the scan area in your image. Only then the image will be mapped correctly on top of your scan image.

Soil Type

You should also set a proper soil type. Figure 4 shows the list of soil types.

Characteristics Dialog - Soil Types
Figure 4: Characteristics Dialog - Soil Types

Please choose the most relevant soil type from this list to make sure the depth calculation is as precise as possible.

Meta Data

Added in 3.1.0

In this section you may enter additional information based on pairs of name and value, e.g.

Characteristics Dialog - Meta Data
Figure 5: Characteristics Dialog - Meta Data

Depending on your individual settings, those information can be included in the PDF Report.

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