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Vourvon Electronica: Your Family Treasure Hunting Hub in the Philippines

Vourvon Electronica is a family-run company with 26 employees that has become the hub for enthusiastic treasure hunters in the Philippines. The company is run by Alan Bourbon, who founded it after a career in the corporate world. All members of the family, as well as his sons Paul and Jennal, are part of the company and support Alan. Alan Bourbon is also the President of the Treasure Hunting Association of the Philippines. Treasures found on private land can be kept by the treasure hunter thanks to a new law.

OKM CEO Stephan Grund visits Vourvon Electronica
Dealer Vourvon Electronica tests detectors in front of OKM pyramid
Vourvon Electronica attends detector training at OKM

Discover Top-Quality Metal Detectors with Vourvon Electronica

Vourvon Electronica offers metal detectors, ground scanners, ground resistance scanners and scanning services in the Philippines. They sell detectors like the OKM Rover C4 or the OKM Gepard GPR 3D. Our OKM detectors have proudly been part of their product range since 2016. OKM is also a popular high quality brand in the Philippines. Vourvon Electronica are dedicated OKM enthusiasts and are passionate about providing their customers with the best detectors and scanners on the market.

OKM is very pleased to partner with Vourvon Electronica and their dedication to providing the best possible advice to their customers. Through their commitment and participation in our comprehensive detector training in Altenburg, they have developed a deep understanding of our products. Their ability to provide personalised advice and find the right model for each customer is a major contributor to the satisfaction of our customers in the Philippines. We appreciate their passion for our brand and are proud that they are dedicated OKM enthusiasts and successfully represent our high quality detectors on the market.

Precision Scanning and Detector Expertise

Vourvon Electronica offers a wide range of services to its clients, including a nationwide scanning service that enables the precise location and identification of objects and resources in the Philippines. This service is provided by an experienced team and offers customers a reliable way to discover valuable finds.

In addition, Vourvon Electronica offers its clients professional advice in selecting and using detectors. With their in-depth knowledge and many years of experience, they assist their customers in selecting the right detector model to meet their individual requirements and needs. Through personalised advice and detailed product presentations, they can ensure that their customers get the best possible solution to achieve their goals and make successful finds.

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Unveiling Yamashita's Gold: With OKM Detectors

Legend has it that during the Second World War, the Japanese general Yamashita Tomoyuki plundered gold, jewels and artefacts from a number of Asian countries. He then hid them in several secret locations in the Philippines. He died a few years later without recovering the treasures. Over the past 50 years, some of the buried treasures have been found, but many more are still buried under the earth. A diamond-studded Buddha is also said to be hidden in the depths. Thanks to Vourvon Electronica, enthusiastic treasure hunters have the opportunity to track down Yamashita's treasure with the OKM detectors.

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